Gather. Savor. Connect.

Similar Mission. New Focus.

For 25 years in the hospitality & tourism industry, these three words - Gather, Savor, Connect - have been at the core of my work creating memorable experiences for guests & clients:  gathering to savor local flavors & build connections around the table.  After years working for others, I jumped into entrepreneurship in 2012 and brought these words to life with FEAST Food Tours.  Six years later, the roles reversed.

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in late 2018, eventually needing a Bone Marrow Stem Cell transplant in April 2019.  Throughout this experience, our community gathered resources to support me & my husband.  We savored nourishing meals & connected with the helpful hands who helped lighten the load & allowed us to focus on my recovery.  As my year-long post-transplant quarantine came to an end, the COVID pandemic required that we find new ways to gather, savor & connect.

As FEAST Food Tours paused all events, another need in our community was revealed & I began working on Feast for Good to provide meal assistance to those braving cancer treatments.  I have decided to completely focus on this new nonprofit, which merges my personal & professional journeys by giving back to those in need while continuing to support Charlotte's culinary community.  I know many of you were looking forward to getting back out there to gather, savor & connect with the local community - and you still can.

Feast for Good provides comforting meals from local businesses to cancer patients facing obstacles such as lack of finances, caregiving, physicality, or challenging living conditions.  Our partnerships with Charlotte's culinary community not only feed patients in need, but create opportunities for you to Feast for Good and support our mission.  Join us as we continue to gather together, savor delicious cuisine & connect with each other - all for a good cause!

Thanks for years of support & memories!  I hope you'll join me in this new mission to give back.

- Kristi Martin, Founder FEAST Food Tours and now - Feast for Good