Brew & Chew Tour Rehearsal

We ran a rehearsal of the Brew & Chew Tour recently.  Everything went great and we gained valuable feedback for future tours.  The restaurants, breweries, & culinary artisans did an amazing job!  We got to sample so many cool new craft brews, we ate some awesome “beer food” until we could not eat any more, and the best part from the feedback received…meeting all of the brewers, owners, and chefs that make Charlotte’s craft beer and NoDa’s culinary creations so delicious!

Thank you to those that came out to be testers!  Thank you to the Party Pedaler for a great ride!  Thank you to our Tour Partners!

I believe this tour is ready to roll!  If you want to experience the Brew & Chew Tour, tickets are available for future Thursday night tours!  Please let us know if you have any questions!