New Southern Uptown Charlotte Food Tour

From Day 1 of starting up this business a couple of years ago, telling the story of Southern Cuisine was a tour of Charlotte that had to be a part of our offerings.  The influence into Southern cooking and heritage comes from many global sources as well as necessity over history.

On this walking food tour of Uptown Charlotte, we will eat & drink a variety of food & beverage representing the old & new South…many from old family recipes.  We will go in-depth with Chefs, Pit Masters, and local restaurant owners to understand how their personal Southern influences has led them to where they are today.  We will also learn and taste items from the Southern farmer…can you get any more Southern than the local food coming from right up the road?

This new food tour will start on Friday, October 5th from 4pm – 7pm.  It would be a great thing to do to kick off your weekend whether you are living in or visiting Uptown Charlotte.  This tour is also a great fun way to sample and find new Charlotte restaurants that may become some of your new favorites in downtown.  Ya’ll dine & come along with us!