NoDa ~ A Whole New Experience!

NoDa.  Many of us that have been in Charlotte for 20+ years has seen this historical area north of Charlotte transform.  It has always had character and its own type of charm.  Some people may have been there once several years ago to try out a restaurant staple in the area or maybe to attend a gallery crawl (that still occurs every 1st & 3rd Friday evenings).  While others, despite living in Charlotte for many years, still do not know that NoDa as a whole even exists!

Hearing stories like that are what motivate us to have two of our Charlotte tours in that area.  In fact, if we would have tried to execute the same tours even one year ago today we would only be able to experience just a few culinary establishments versus the over 12 we showcase today over two tours.  So as a local or a visitor, it is time to explore or re-introduce yourself to one of the fast changing areas of Charlotte…especially in the culinary world!

If you want to just get an overview of the area, see & tour what is new, and meet the cool business owners & chefs that have “taken the leap of faith” to start their new venture, the Local Flavors of NoDa Food Tour is a great way to get that “taste” of the area (pun intended).  🙂  However, if you want to get more in depth into a rapidly growing new craft beer industry in Charlotte…specifically in NoDa…the Brew & Chew Brewery & Food Tour gets you behind-the-scenes and one-on-one with local craft brew masters.  We also wash down those great craft beers with good beer food found in the area.

If you have not ventured over to NoDa in awhile, it may be time to see what you are missing…and going in-depth on a food tour is the best way to do that.  Come see how this area is ever changing the landscape of Charlotte and the Charlotte restaurant & craft beer scene!