Why Sightseeing is “Old-School”…

What is Experiential Tourism you ask?  Well, it is the newest trend in travel.  Think about it…when you travel or even in every day life, would you prefer to be told a story and see something OR would you prefer to jump in and be a part of the story?!

FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events is proud to be a part of the Charlotte Visitor Bureau’s newest initiative – Experience Charlotte.  Each of our Charlotte food tours & culinary experiences are built with that “in-depth” exclusivity in mind.  Even as a local, these experiences can benefit you because you probably have “been there done that”, but have you really?  You can dine in any Charlotte restaurant or shop in a culinary store, but have you really learned from the owners, had a chef do a cooking demonstration for you, or been in their kitchen?

Most recently, WSOC-TV just focused on this new trend and most specifically the rise in culinary experiential tourism in Charlotte.  If you missed the story last week, you can watch it here.

Whether it is going back stage and behind the curtain at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Uptown Charlotte or getting into off-limit areas at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a cool racing experience or having a chef provide a private cooking class in his kitchen…isn’t that more fun to get to do those cool activities than to be on the sidelines looking at them?

So next time you are wondering “what to do” either in Charlotte or when traveling or need a fun unique activity versus the same ol’ outing, think about seeking out ways to REALLY EXPERIENCE a place versus just sightseeing!